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Alveo Grape

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Inspired by nature
Alveo is an herbal tonic containing a refined combination of herbs and it is available in two different flavours: grape and mint. This high-quality botanical product belongs to the category of natural health products, it is safe to use and acts in the maintenance of good health.

What is Alveo?
Alveo is a safe high-quality self-care product.
Alveo provides support for healthy glucose metabolism.
Alveo helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.
As a natural health product, Alveo acts in the maintenance of good health.
As a liquid, Alveo is easily absorbed.
Alveo is steroid free and highly recommended by Naturopathic practitioners for individuals with high levels of activity.
Alveo is cholesterol and Trans fat free and every batch of production is microbiologically analyzed.
Alveo is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and ISO 9001 registered facility.
Daily Use
The recommended use for adults is 1 to 2 Tbsp. (28 - 56 ml) daily, preferably half an hour before a meal.

Herbal extracts in Alveo
In addition to the added benefits of Chromium, the new Alveo also contains: 
1.ALFALFA Medicago sativa
2.LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia 
3.ROSE HIPS Rosa canina
4.CARDAMOM Elettaria cardamomum
5.CINNAMON Cinnamomum verum
6.FENNEL Foeniculum vulgare
7.THYME Thymus vulgaris
8.ALOE Aloe vera
9.CAYENNE Capsicum frutenscens
10.MARSHMALLOW Althaea officinalis
11.CENTURY PLANT Agave americana
12.BITTER ORANGE Citrus aurantium
13.LEMON VERBENA Lippia citriodora
14.GINGER Zingiber officinale
15.PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS Opuntia ficus-indica
16.YERBA MATE Ilex paraguariensis
17.BAYBERRY Myrica rubra
18.ANGELICA Angelica archangelica
19.BROCCOLI Brassica oleracea – Italica
20.ELDERBERRY Sambucus nigra
21.BLACK CHOKEBERRY Aronia melanocarpa
22.MALT Hordeum vulgare
23.NUTMEG Myristica fragrans
24.GREEN TEA Camellia sinensis
25.GUM BENZOIN Benzoin resin
26.CHICORY Cichorium intybus
Please note that the information on these pages is intended solely for educational purposes and is not a recommendation by AKUNA of any kind. AKUNA and its representatives make no claims as to the ability of herbs and their derivatives to cure or treat any condition. The herbs contained in Alveo may vary from country to country.
What the experts say about Alveo...
Dr. S. Khoshbin, Creator of Alveo:
"Alveo contains chromium chloride, which makes it even more beneficial for many important functions in our bodies; as for example, to enhance the action of insulin, a hormone responsible for the metabolism and storage of carbohydrate, fat and protein in the body. Chromium is also known for decreasing bad cholesterol and triglyceride, and increasing good cholesterol. With today's high sugar consumption, chromium is an essential part of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF)."
Dr. J. Bertlik, Chairman of Akuna's Scientific Advisory Board:
"Alveo contains chromium, a trace mineral that the body requires in very small amounts, but one that plays a significant role in human nutrition. It plays an important role in many conditions such as acne, depression, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, psoriasis, metabolic syndrome - just to name it a few; and in heart disease prevention; it also aids in cases of sport performance enhancement and weight loss. But perhaps the most important function of chromium in the body is to help regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. With the addition of the improved combination of herbs and herbal extracts in the formula, Alveo is extremely important for the prevention of many health conditions."
Question and Answer with Dr. Bertlik
Q: When first taking a product intended for detoxification, many people have experienced what you call a healing crisis. Can you explain what causes this reaction and what should we do if we suffer from it?
A: “Healing crises” is a natural significant body-initiated process that can occur when accumulated toxins are being eliminated from the body. Toxins are stored within the human body. Once a detoxifying agent is used, these toxins run through the system and we can start to feel much worse than before. This is what we call the healing crisis, which takes few days, no longer than two weeks. After this time period the body is able to eliminate amount of stored toxins. But we have to keep taking these agents in order to help the body eliminate the rest of the toxins.
Q: Should people who have gone through the healing crisis increase or decrease doses of the detoxifier?
A: It’s not important to change the amount. In some cases when people feel really bad, they can reduce the dosage by half. If they started from one ounce, it would be good for them to continue with half an ounce. The healing crisis can take up to a couple of weeks during which the body will improve. After those couple of weeks, they can return to the original dosage.
Q: What symptoms can we observe during the first stage of detoxification? At which point should one contact a physician?
A: The first things we may experience are headaches and fatigue. Those are signs that something is happening inside our bodies. A good sign of detoxification is being able to pass stools regularly. It’s very hard to know when to seek medical attention because there may be health conditions present which have not been diagnosed. In such situations I suggest stop taking all detoxifiers for one or two days and then restart with a lower dosage.
Q: How do sports and leading an active lifestyle influence the process of detoxification?

Physical activities are very important for our health, because they help eliminate toxins. While exercising, we lose a lot of toxins. Activities like walking make our body eliminate fat. There are other advantages as well. If we are physically active, we are speed up our blood flow. By speeding it up we bring more oxygen to our brain, so we can think more clearly. We can say that physical exercise makes us smarter and helps us be more mentally alert. I can’t stress how important it is for people to lead healthy lifestyles and to get moving.
Q: Why are so many people dying decades before their time?
A: When we are young, our body is still growing until the age of 20 to 25. After that, our body gradually begins to lose some of its functions and tissue begins to slowly deteriorate. We may be feeling fine until the age of 50 but soon after that the health problems begin to appear. These problems or conditions are the result of the 30 or 40 years of toxic material build-up in our system. It is absolutely essential to keep our system functioning properly and to keep it as clean as is possible.
Statistics state that the average 40-year-old person has up to 2 to 4 kilograms of mass (toxic material build-up) in their intestine at any given time. This mass is the result of food that has not been digested properly.

Ewa Sek from Norrige, IL "After taking Alveo for about two weeks, a lot of changes started occurring. The first thing I noticed was that I had a lot more energy. Soon, I noticed many other changes in my body. For years I suffered from very long and painful periods but after a few months they became more regular and painless. My body’s immune system and digestive system became a lot stronger and I do not get sick as much."

Krystyna Jochlin from Surrey, BC "Since I started taking Alveo the acidity level in my stomach has gone down and I have more energy. My husband, who was experiencing gastro-intestinal problems, started taking Alveo and has since noticed an improvement in his health as well."

Lauren Galgano from Pompano Beach,FL "After taking Alveo for several weeks, I stopped using my ulcer related medications because the chronic burning in my stomach had subsided along with my migraines. I now wake up in the morning with more energy. My physical, mental and emotional states have been enhanced by Alveo."

Halina Tracewicz from Mississauga, ON "I believe that Alveo helped me with high blood pressure and liver problems. Alveo, the best herbal product; it improved my life, gave me a new perspective on health and I will never stop drinking it. I have started living again!"

Archibald Bryan from Scarborough, ON "After three short months of drinking Alveo I noticed improved bowel movements, weight loss, better energy levels, improved digestion and more restful sleep, as well as a radiant complexion."

Gregory Lis from Burlington, ON "I find that this splendid herb product improved my life because I felt a flow of energy and during this past year I have not been ill – I did not even have a cold, cough or runny nose."

Barbara Partyka from Burlington, ON "For a long time I had problems with my sinuses and I noticed that after taking Alveo my problems gradually disappeared. My son has remained healthy and has not gotten the flu. My husband's ragweed allergies are gone as well. Our overall health has improved tremendously."

Bolek Cichoszewski from Brampton, ON "Even though I have been fortunate enough not to have any major health issues, I still see the benefits of drinking Alveo. It gives me an overall increase in energy, and I see it as investment in my long-term health."

Joe Cearns from Brampton, ON "When I use Alveo, along with my usual medication, I have noticed an improvement in my blood pressure; my cholesterol levels have also improved; my blood sugar levels have maintained a completely satisfactory level and I no longer suffer from hypoglycemia, as I often did in the past."

Teresa Gniedziejko from Chicago, IL "My headaches suddenly disappeared after two weeks of drinking Alveo and I had a tremendous amount of energy, which I needed to better take care for my boys. My migraines receded after five months of drinking Alveo. My life has started to take a different direction and is rapidly improving."

Pauline Allen from Etobicoke, ON "For a long time I suffered from severe health problems which left me without any energy. No medication was helping me and I felt hopeless. After just three weeks (of drinking Alveo) I started feeling much better. I stopped taking my prescription drugs. Alveo gave me back all my energy."

Paula Perciasepe from Pickering, ON "I have been using Alveo for almost a year and I have seen a noticeable difference in my health. I do not suffer from digestive problems any more and my seasonal allergies and food allergies have subsided since I've been taking Alveo. I have noticed a great deal of energy since I have been taking it."

Barbara Bykowski from E Brunswick, NJ "I started drinking Alveo in June of 2006.Though very skeptical at first; I soon began experiencing the great benefits of Alveo. Initially, I felt an increased level of energy. In the past I had suffered from liver problems but by September 2006, I began feeling the benefits of Alveo, which completely convinced me about the product."

Lydia Kamensky from Shelby Township, MI "After a couple of weeks of drinking Alveo I began to feel very comfortable. My digestion improved and I was able to eat more healthy foods such as broccoli without experiencing the digestive distress I did before."

Mirka Zednicek from Pickering, ON "I suffer from skin cancer and a heart problem. When I began taking Alveo regularly I also had a bad case of the flu which I could not get over for some time. Soon the flu was gone and within several months I realized that my skin condition and my overall well-being had significantly improved. Now I have more energy and I have not contracted the flu since."
Please note that the information provided here is intended for informational purposes only, it is based on the personal and subjective experiences of Akuna customers and distributors. They are not founded upon clinical research and are not medical recommendations or recommendations of any kind by the producer/manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions
 When was Akuna established?
Akuna Health Products Inc. was established and the first Akuna office was opened in 1999. Today, Akuna is international company with 13 regional offices worldwide.


 How does Akuna guarantee the quality of its products?

At Akuna, our qualified team of specialists performs thorough analyses of all ingredients used in our products. Every batch of production is then microbiologically analyzed and issued a Certificate of Analysis which confirms that it meets the quality parameters.
Akuna uses the method Tandem HPLC/MS (High Performance Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry). This is a fast technique that, with high precision and specificity, separates mixtures into individual ingredients. It is considered to be one of the most reliable modes of qualitative and quantitative modes of analysis.


 Does Akuna hold any certificates?

Our manufacturing facilitiy is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and ISO (International Organization for Standardization 9001:2000) registered. Akuna is a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the National Standard Research Collaboration and the American Botanical Council.


 Where is Alveo manufactured?
Alveo is manufactured in Canada and our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Alveo is in compliance with FDA's labelling regulations.


 Is there any difference between Alveo Peppermint and Alveo Grape?

Aside from being different flavors, there is not much difference between the two. Each will clean and nourish our organism, creating a balance. Both of them contain the same herbs. Alveo Peppermint is better for people with digestion problems, especially for those that suffer from an abnormal production of acids. Grape juice may have stimulating affects; while the peppermint is an alleviative. Also, Alveo Peppermint contains less sugar.


 Can Alveo be taken with medications?

Alveo does not interfere with medications. But it is always recommended to consult your physicians.


 Are there any contraindications between Alveo and other food supplements?

There are not any known contraindication between Alveo and other food supplements. However, do not use if you have an allergy to plants from the Asteraceae/Compositeae family.


 Should Alveo be taken daily?

Alveo is designed to be used daily. Recommended daily use for adults is one to three ounces daily. Consult your health practitioner for use in children.


 What is the expected shelf life of Alveo?

Alveo is packed in a high-quality, recyclable glass container. After opening, refrigeration is necessary to maintain optimal flavor, and Alveo will keep its freshness for a period of up to approximately 30 to 45 days. If left unopened, Alveo has a shelf life of between 18 to 24 months.


 Why is Alveo packaged in a glass container?

Glass packaging prevents the gas exchange problem experienced with plastic containers. It ensures that the last drop of Alveo is as fresh tasting and pure as the first. Glass packaging also ensures a maximum shelf life.


 If an unopened bottle of Alveo is frozen and then unfrozen, does it keep its potency and herbal values?

As long as the bottle itself was not tampered with and remains still sealed, there should not be any loss in potency or effect of product. However, glass bottles may chip or break when frozen; therefore, it is not recommended to freeze the product in a glass bottle.


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